Repairing a corrupted hard disk

The main cause of operating system failure occurs due improper PC shutdown or using a corrupted hard disk. The best way to repair a corrupted hard disk is through the check disk utility using the operating system command prompt.

For Windows XP and above perform the following operations:

1. Open the windows command prompt. If you can’t boot the operating system normally, boot into safe mode which will allow you to access the basic functions of the operating system. Enter safe mode by pressing F8 at the start of the operating system boot up.

2. Run the command prompt as follows: For Windows XP, go to Start > Run > type in ‘CMD’ > Click OK. For Windows Vista and Windows 7 go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Right click Command Prompt and select run as Administrator. If you do not run this as an administrator, you may not have the required privileges for run the check disk utility.

3. Within the command prompt window type the following: chkdsk /f

4. The check disk utility will run using ‘chkdsk’, checking the current hard drive for errors, while the /f operator will force any corrupted sectors to be fixed after the check disk scan has completed.

5. To specify a specific disk to scan and fix, enter the disk name after typing the chkdsk command. For example the C drive will be scanned and fixed using the following command: chkdsk c: /f

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