InTouch SCADA Historian - InSQL History Provider - Login Error


When InTouch is configured for accessing data from InSQL (Historian), the error message ‘DB-LIBRARY Error: Login incorrect’ appears when an attempt to access data from InSQL during runtime (Window Viewer)


The InSQL History Provider (SQL Server) login credentials are incorrect.


  1. Check the InSQL History Provider login credentials are correct in InTouch.
  2. Open InTouch Window Maker.
  3. Open ‘Distributed Name Manager’ (Tools > Configure > Distributed Name Manager).
  4. Select ‘Distributed History’ tab.
  5. In the ‘History Providers:’ list, select the history provider.
  6. In the properties section click ‘Configure InSQL Provider.
  7. Enter/modify the InSQL (SQL Server) data access credentials. For example the default view account is ‘wwUser’. Username: wwUser; Password: wwUser.
  8. You can test the login credentials by using the ‘Test’ button.
  9. Click Ok to save the credentials (Provider properties).
  10. Click Ok to save and close ‘Distributed Name Manager’.

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