InTouch SCADA - InTouch HMI - Deleting Unused Tags from the Tagname dictionary

If you require to delete InTouch tags from the Tagname Dictionary, it may not be as simple as just hitting the delete button. With InTouch life is never that simple!

Follow the steps below to safely delete tags from InTouch:

    1. Ensure that all references to the tags have been removed. So any objects including text fields, numeric fields, trends, scripts, etc must have these tag names unreferenced.

      Note: A good way to check the usage of a tag reference is to use the Cross Reference tool. Go to the "Special" toolbar menu item, click "Cross Reference" and then enter the tag name to be searched.

  1. The tag use counts need to be updated. Firstly ensure that all InTouch Windows are closed and then go to the "Special" toolbar menu item, and then click "Update Use Counts". You will then be warned that updating the use counts can take time, click "Yes" to continue.
  2. Once the use counts have finished updating you will then be able to open the Tagname Dictionary and delete the unrequired tags.
  3. If you wish to see the tags that are not being used by InTouch, you can view a list of these by going to the "Special" toolbar and then clicking "Delete Unused Tags". This will allow you to view the currently unused tags and delete any that are not required.

Warning: Before deleting tags from the InTouch dictionary, make sure that none of them are being used in any part of the application. Deleting used tags can cause major functionality issues for critical control systems.

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