InTouch SCADA - How to Find an ActiveX Control Referenced By InTouch

With InTouch you can have embedded ActiveX controls that used for extended SCADA system functionality written in VB6 and .NET. These controls are required as in installed (registered) components and are referenced using a GUID (Globally Unique Identifier). This identifier can be used to find the path of the ActiveX control, if not already known.

In Windows:

  1. Goto: Start > Run.
  2. The ‘Run’ window will open.
  3.  In the ‘Open:’ text field type ‘regedit’ and click ok.
  4. The registry editor will open.
  5. In registry editor click ‘Edit’ on the toolbar and then ‘Find…’ (or Ctrl F).
  6.  In the ‘Find what:’ text field paste in the GUID: E.G. {18BC065C-6FED-4B09-BB5C-80A02330143B}.
  7.  Click ‘Find Now’ to perform the search for the InTouch ActiveX GUID.
  8. The search should find the reference (GUID) to an activex control,and is highlighted as a registry folder.
  9.  Expand the found GUID folder.
  10. Click on the ‘InprocServer32’ folder.
  11. The path of the ActiveX control will appear as a string value on the right hand side at the top.

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