InTouch SCADA - Converting Windows to a Different Resolution without Resizing the Text and Symbols

When using an InTouch application on different PC screen resolutions, by default InTouch (on start-up) will resize the application windows in order to fit the screen resolution. During this process all the internal window controls (Text, Symbols, etc) will also be resized. This isn’t always preferable as the controls may become distorted from the automatic resizing process. This control resizing can be disabled through modification to the InTouch settings.

Follow the steps below to disable the control resizing:

  1. Within the InTouch application folder locate the INTOUCH.INI file and open it with Notepad or some other text editor.

  2. At the bottom of the file add the following row:

  3. Save the file changes and then close the file.
  4. Change the screen resolution on host operating system to the required size and then open the InTouch application. The InTouch windows will resize but all the text, buttons etc should stay the same.

Note: Before converting InTouch applications it is a good idea to backup the application first.

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