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Microsoft SQL Server 'sa' login is locked out.
When too many failed attempts to login to the SQL Server 'sa' login account have been made, this account can get locked out. To unlock the account the following steps must be performed:1. Open SQL Server Management Studio, and login using Windows integrated security.2. Open a query window and run th...
Published: 06/02/11
Repairing a corrupted hard disk
The main cause of operating system failure occurs due improper PC shutdown or using a corrupted hard disk. The best way to repair a corrupted hard disk is through the check disk utility using the operating system command prompt. For Windows XP and above perform the following operations: 1. Open...
Published: 22/11/10
Using MS Dos to copy Directories/Folders
To copy directories and folders using the dos (command) prompt: Open the command prompt in Windows. Goto: Start > Run > Type cmd > press the ok button or hit the enter key. At the command prompt navigate to the destination folder. Example command, run: cd c:\des...
Published: 28/10/10
Issue: Undeploying a Wonderware Application Server 3.0 Platform
Issue: Sometimes due to network issues or interrupted platform deployments, application corruptions can occur causing the deployed platform to be unrecoverable. Error Messages: Different platform has already been deployed on the target machine. A platform with the same platform id, same host addres...
Published: 21/06/10
How to: Resolving slow tag address updates within InTouch
For various reasons reading address values from PLC’s within InTouch (or any other SCADA application for that matter!) can be fairly slow unless configured correctly to ensure all connected devices respond quickly to I/O changes. With InTouch SCADA and an Omron PLC as an example, the followin...
Published: 13/05/10
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