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PHP XML Parser: ampersand (&) parsing issue
Issue: Ampersand (&) characters causing a parse error when parsing an XML data string with the PHP XML Parser. Cause: like HTML, XML cannot process ampersand (&) data characters. Fix: Replace all '&' characters with XML frendly '&' using the 'str_replace' function. Example:...
Published: 20/09/11
Fix: Wonderware Information Server - Table Weaver Manager HTTP 501 Error
Issue   When using Table Weaver Manager in Wonderware Information Server (4.0), a HTTP 501 error occurs when clicking on the following links under the Table Weaver Manager node: Content Units Queries Links Displays KPIs Cause This is due to a missing or unregistered dll, w...
Published: 15/08/11
How To: InTouch SCADA Scripting - Setting the Start Time of a Historical Trend in Wonderware InTouch
The ChartStart dot field can be used with the Historical Trend tag to read or write the value of the start time (left-hand side of the trend).   Use Reads / writes positive integer values HistoricalTrendTag.ChartStart = integer value; Comments The integer value is a representation of the nu...
Published: 28/07/11
InTouch SCADA Alarm Printer: Automatically Starting the Alarm Printer on Microsoft Windows Startup.
Use the following InTouch script to automatically start the alarm printer.StartApp “AlmPrt.exe -q ConfigFile.ALC”The AlmPrt.exe and ConfigFile.ALC need to include the path of the files.E.g. C:\Program Files\Wonderware\InTouch\AlmPrt.exe and C:\ConfigFile.alcThe –q switch auto start...
Published: 28/06/11
TCP Port Required for SQL Server Communication Through a Firewall
The following describes the TCP port required for remote SQL server communication through a firewall. SQL Server uses port 1433 to listen for incomming connections. This port should be added as a TCP port into any firewall that listens for SQL Server communications....
Published: 18/02/11
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