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Fix: Error opening an InTouch SCADA application in Window Maker - The Application Cannot Be Edited.
Issue When opening an InTouch application in Window Maker the error message ‘The application cannot be edited. Process “” on computer “” is editing the application.’, and fails to open the application. Cause The path of the InTouch application folder is too long....
Published: 12/01/12
Fix: InTouch SCADA & Historian - InSQL History Provider - Login Error.
Issue When InTouch is configured for accessing data from InSQL (Historian), the error message ‘DB-LIBRARY Error: Login incorrect’ appears when an attempt to access data from InSQL during runtime (Window Viewer) Cause The InSQL History Provider (SQL Server) login credentials are incorrec...
Published: 11/01/12
InTouch SCADA: How to Find an ActiveX Control Referenced By Wonderware InTouch.
With InTouch you can have embedded ActiveX controls that used for extended SCADA system functionality written in VB6 and .NET. These controls are required as in installed (registered) components and are referenced using a GUID (Globally Unique Identifier). This identifier can be used to find the pat...
Published: 30/11/11
SQL Server 2005: Changing the default language.
Within SQL server 2005 management studio, open a new query window and paste the following query script into the window.EXEC sp_configure 'default language', 23 RECONFIGUREClick on the 'Execute' toolbar button to execute the script, which will change the default language from installation default (us...
Published: 19/10/11
InTouch SCADA Compatibility with Windows XP Embedded Operating System
Short Answer: No.. Windows XP Embedded OS (Operating System) is not a supported platform by Wonderware, which would suggest it is not compatible. An alternative OS would Windows XP Tablet edition, which is supported for InTouch.  ...
Published: 22/09/11
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